Work has been disrupted on Adani’s Carmichael rail construction site near Glenden in central Queensland this morning. Musician and student Morgan Heenan has locked himself to concrete batching equipment. 

Mr Heenan said “I’m doing this because there is simply no alternative. Because every bit of inaction, of only nominal opposition, is compliance in the destruction of a liveable future.”

“In the last few years; we have seen our country burn, and then flood, and then burn. Our friends in the Pacific are watching their homes slowly slip under the waves, and we see whole swathes of the planet edge closer and closer to uninhabitability.”

“What’s happening here in central Queensland is another log being thrown on the fire of climate destruction. This is a humanitarian crisis in progress, all for the sake of profits for a handful of multinational corporate elites. And it’s being subsidised by the Australian people.”

This comes days after the nation-wide School Strike 4 Climate, part of an international movement that on Friday attracted thousands of people to rallies around Australia. The strike issued a demand to halt the construction of new fossil fuel projects, particularly the Adani mine, and for a just transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030. 

Mr Heenan said “we urgently need a transition away from fossil fuels that is more than just words. Adani’s mine is not job creation, it’s not justice for workers. This is the theft and free-marketisation of our future.”