'This is about humanity': Inside a protest camp in the heart of coal country: ABC Tropical North

Former IT worker and beekeeper Paul doesn’t look like he would fit in an environmental protester camp, but he said he couldn’t sit by and watch young people take up the challenge alone.

“This is about everyone on the planet, this is not about some hippy tree hugging movement, this is about humanity,” Paul said.

The 60-year-old said the stereotype of people in protester camps being naive and overly idealistic was not true. 

“These are smart kids [staying at the camp], these are well educated people, they’ve got degrees, they’re doing PhDs,” he said.

“These are people who understand the way the world’s working a lot better than the people who often are arguing against us.”

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A dramatic week on the climate frontlines

A dramatic week on the climate frontlines

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Frontline Action on Coal is a diverse group of people committed to community led, non-violent direct action.