The first time I went up to the blockade I was pretty nervous, it was the first time I’d ever done anything like this. As soon as I got there I was welcomed with open arms. I learnt heaps of new skills for standing up to corrupt system that prioritises corporate profits over peoples health.

Can anyone join the blockade?

Absolutely. We are a diverse group and we are committed to creating a welcoming space for all. If you have any ability issues please raise those with your recruitment contact person. If you are under 18 you may need the permission of your parents.

I can’t come to the blockade. Can I still help?

Sure can. Our teams work both on site and remotely, from all over Australia. You can work at your pace, and at your level, doing fundraising, outreach, media, music, graphics – many things. Sign up here, and we’ll be in touch.

Donations are also another great way you can help support us.

Do I have to get arrested?

No. For every person who risks arrest, we need another five people to support them. There are many roles to play. Risking arrest is just one option.

Is there legal support if I get arrested?

Yes. We have an amazing Legal Support Team.

Will I have to pay bail?

No. Only serious criminals are required to put money down as a bail condition in Australia. It is extremely unlikely that you would be asked to pay a bail surety after an action with us.

What is non-violent direct action (NVDA)?

Non-Violent Direct Action includes many forms of protest, and has a long history of winning human rights struggles. NVDA tactics aim to have a direct impact upon the holders of power without causing harm to any people or other living beings.

What if I am fined?

Most people who have been charged receive fines ranging between $100 to $1000, depending on what they have been charged with and whether or not they have previous criminal history. Some people have received more serious charges, and are therefore facing larger sums, though these maters are currently in the appeal process. If you will have trouble paying a fine, it can be referred to SPER by the court, this will allow you to pay it off in installments.  We can assist you with ideas and support to raise funds to pay off your fine.

I’m new to activism. Can I still take part?

You bet! Many of us are new to NVDA, or to activism in general. Training and workshops are ongoing, both on site and off. Talk to your recruitment contact person about what training you can attend in your home town.

What is it like at the blockade?

Expect a friendly welcome, shared meals, camping together, lots of learning and plenty of work to do. Your recruitment contact person can answer in more detail.

Is there a cost?

We ask people to contribute what they can. We have a sliding scale that ranges from $15 a day (unwaged), $25 a day (waged). These costs will go towards covering food, data, and subsidizing action transport.

If these costs are a barrier we are happy to discuss alternative options.

Can I bring my dog?

We ask that if you can leave your furry friend at home while visiting, you please do so. If you have no other options than to bring them with you, please contact us to make arrangements.

How long should I stay at the blockade?

That’s up to you. A few days or a few months – whatever you can offer is fabulous. However, if possible we recommended you try and stay for at least 5 days to ground yourself in the space, to familiarise yourself enough to fully participate in helping camp run smoothly and to ensure you are part of the end-to-end process of any planned action.
We are here to win. We will stay until Adani leaves.

How do the local people feel about the blockade?

Some of us are local people and we very much appreciate and support those who take time away from their busy lives to join us. There are also people within the community who want the mine to go ahead, and they can be quite vocal at times. We encourage everyone to participate in Non-violent Direct Action training and read the Participation Agreement. Though it can sometimes be a worthwhile effort to enagaghe with these folk, it’s also wise to pick your battles. Many people still believe the propaganda that they have been surrounded by for years. Understanding, compassion and de-escalation are key.

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