Frontline Action on Coal was first established in 2012, setting up and maintaining a blockade to protect the Leard State Forest from the destructive forces of Whitehaven Coal. Since then we have continued to lend a hand to maintaining a watchful eye on Whitehaven’s practices.

In early April our friends at South East Forest Rescue (SEFR) launched a Federal Court case against Whitehaven over their offsets. Since day one, FLAC and other environment groups have been telling the government that Whitehaven’s proposed offset properties do not meet the quantity or quality required by the conditions of approval and after several extensions of time to secure these offsets it was time to challenge them in court.

Since the start of the case Whitehaven have tried to get SEFR to drop the case or  pay a $100,000 security deposit to the court in case SEFR loses. As SEFR continued, Whitehaven Coal have now filed for the case to be struck out.
South East Forest Rescue with their Environmental Defenders Office lawyers are now preparing their defense to this with the hearing likely to be in September.

For more info on the Campaign to save the leard forest, and the blockade that was maintained there, please head to our Leard website.