Frontline Action on Coal (FLAC) is a movement, made up of people like you from across the continent, who aim to end the unnecessary extraction of fossil fuels while bringing about climate justice and creating meaningful change in the world.
Using collective power to highlight injustices and disrupt the status quo, we are on the frontlines, transforming the way we relate to each other and the world.

What We Do

Together, through community led, non-violent direct action (NVDA) we aim to achieve a state of economic and environmental balance called climate justice. We’ve had enough of corrupt politicians putting the interests of mining companies above all else, and are taking a stand to protect farms, forests, community, culture and the climate.

We are working on a number of campaigns around the country, opposing the destructive forces of the fossil fuel industry. Additionally, we support communities and other grassroots groups through solidarity, training, experience and resources.


Frontline Action on Coal was first established in August 2012 at Maules Creek, the site of the historic blockade to save the critically endangered Leard State Forest. From the Leard Blockade, we have grown into a national movement of 1000’s of individuals standing up to the injustice caused by the fossil fuel industry, as it continues to plunder our land and climate for corporate profit. While the Frontline Action on Coal movement continues to blockade destructive mines, we also use our skills and resources to target governments and corporations in major cities. We currently have a focus in a number of area’s including: