Three women have disrupted construction work on Adani’s Carmichael Rail Corridor in central Queensland this morning, saying the mine’s climate effects will cause more frequent and extreme natural disasters like those we are already experiencing.

Zianna Fuad locked herself to Adani’s concrete batching plant, while Teeka Latif and Susan Doyle immobilised the company’s flash-butt welder. A group of supporters also blocked traffic moving up and down the rail corridor. The group have expressed serious concerns about the safety practices of Adani’s contractors after a work ute drove into one woman and machinery was turned on while Ms Fuad was locked to it.

The three women come from the New South Wales mid north coast. The area, like much of the east coast, is currently enduring extreme rainfall and severe floods.

Ms Fuad said “a year ago I watched the forest I live in go up in flames, now the Coffs Coast is being hit by disaster floods. I saw ‘permanently wet’ forests burn for the first time ever. Unprecedented weather events now seem to be regular occurrences, we are living in the world climate scientists have warned us about for decades. It’s criminal that the Carmichael coal mine is being built when climate change has already started to wreak havoc across this continent. The mine must stop here with us.

“I’ve travelled all this way to stop Adani’s work because we have to scale up our action to meet the urgency of these times. Protest has changed the world over and over, toppled regimes, and won rights across the globe. But we need every person who is able to join the climate frontline and protect life on this planet.”