Six community members were arrested today after taking action to stop Adani’s coal train which was transporting coal from Adani’s controversial Carmichael coal mine to Adani’s North Queensland Export Terminal (formerly Abbot Point coal port) in Bowen.

Around 5:30 this morning, Tammy Omodei and Andy Paine used steel pipes to lock themselves onto the railway line, completely immobilising the train.

Then, mother and daughter pair Juliet and Isla Lamont used steel pipes to lock themselves onto a train carriage, further delaying the departure of the train.

Tom Ryan and Georgie Toner both climbed onto the train, with Tom situating himself in one of the coal carriages, refusing to move, to which the police required a cherry picker to remove him at around 5:30 this afternoon.

Juliet has been denied bail and is appearing in Bowen courthouse tomorrow.

Frontline Action on Coal spokesperson Amy Booth said:  “Adani says this is a test train and their official first coal exports are yet to come, whether it’s testing the transportation of their climate-wrecking coal or exporting it on ships through the Great Barrier Reef, we will resist Adani’s coal destruction because Adani’s coal is a disaster for our climate. 

“Coal from the Galilee Basin needs to stay in the ground and as Adani starts to transport and export the first coal from its Carmichael mine we will be there to stop it and hold Adani accountable for their reckless crimes against our climate.”

Andy Paine, who was arrested after locking himself to Adani’s rail line says: “The world has agreed that mining and burning coal must end to save our climate. It is to Australia’s shame that our government are enabling the opening of a giant new coal basin at a time when scientists are advising that we need to leave all fossil fuel reserves in the ground and those most affected by climate breakdown are crying out for action.”