A bidding war is underway for a piece of Siemens integrity. The listing on ebay shows a trophy that resembles a spine with a plaque identifying it as “Siemens’ integrity”. The trophy is listed by a company called Commons & Meagre which claims to have experience selling integrity. Siemens has recently accepted a contract to work on the Adani Carmichael mine, however the company’s CEO, Joe Kaeser, will announce the results of a review of the contract at the end of this week.

Joe Kaeser has said via twitter that he will be reassessing the importance of the contract to Siemens and is expected to give a response this week. The Siemens brand ‘Ingenuity for Life’ boasts a forward-thinking and innovative ethos to business. However, on December 11, they accepted the contract with Adani with a statement on their website.


Christian Russau, member of the board of Ethical Shareholders Germany, says: “If Siemens was really serious about climate protection, they wouldn’t have even applied to supply the signaling equipment for Adani in the first place. Siemens must now urgently pull the emergency brake – not only to protect the climate, but also out of respect for the indigenous rights of the Wangan and Jagalingou people. For us, this case is a test of what the new Siemens human rights program, which is designed to give special consideration to indigenous rights, is really good for.”


StopAdani spokesperson Wendy Tubman said “Siemens has lost its integrity by accepting a contract to work with Adani. They are helping to develop a massive coal basin that would result in billions of tonnes of CO2 emissions. That pollution will contribute to climate change and intensify already unprecedented bushfires. But Siemens has a chance to redeem itself, by withdrawing its contract with Adani.”

Nic Dureau a spokesperson for Commons & Meagre, who listed the item for sale, said: “Siemens has been an important part of the Australian economy so we can’t understand why they would stake their reputation on the controversial Adani mine. We think that the public will value Siemens’ integrity highly because the public want to trust the companies that impact positively on our community.” All proceeds from the ebay sale will got to bushfire relief.

If Siemens were to reject working with Adani they would join more than 60 other companies who have refused to work with the climate-wrecking project.