6AM: Over 40 Queenslanders from across the state including local Mackay residents have disrupted contractor Hastings Deering’s industrial complex where driverless trucks marked for work on Adani’s controversial mine are about to begin assembly.

This comes as Greyhound Australia, earlier this week, announced they would not enter a contract to service Adani’s mine due to overwhelming public pressure.


Barb Nelson, 74 is disrupting work at the main gates of Adani contractor Hastings Deering’s and is willing to get arrested. She joins other concerned citizens sending a powerful message that Queenslanders do not want Adani’s mine in their backyard. These concerned citizens in Mackay represent thousands of everyday Australians who are outraged at the government’s green-light for the mine to go ahead.

Heather Harrison, 70, is locked on to a gate and says, “I am doing this for my grandchildren, and yours too.” Another person is locked on to one other gate.

David McRae, 68, a Rockhampton resident claims, “We can’t allow the Galilee Basin to be opened, the fossil fuel industry has got a stranglehold on our future.” He is also willing to put his body on the line and to get arrested to stop the Adani Carmichael Mine going ahead.

Lee Stapleton, 46, is locked on to the top of a driverless truck inside the industrial complex. “As a small business owner I want to see the government investing in renewables. Only through investment in clean energy can we create a thriving Queensland economy for our children.”

In the midst of severe drought and fires raging across the country, everyday Australians are stepping up to participate in peaceful protest to protect the Galilee Basin from a climate-wrecking coal mine.

Barb Nelson holds a sign “Adani = Great Barrier Grief” while many others stand behind a giant banner with the slogan “Truck Off Adani!”