For the second time this morning, two environmental activists, a mother and daughter, have used direct action tactics to block Adani’s first trainload of coal near Bowen, QLD.

Juliet and Isla Lamont have used steel pipes to lock themselves onto a train carriage, carrying coal from the controversial Adani Carmichael mine.

The train has stopped, with Adani’s coal unable to be transported to the coal port in Bowen due to the numerous actions that have taken place this morning.

The police are currently in attendance, with both of the Lamont’s refusing to leave. Both Lamont’s will subsequently have to be cut off by the police to remove them from the train carriage.

Frontline Action on Coal spokesperson Amy Booth said “The campaign against Adani has been an incredible effort over almost a decade, by thousands of people around the country and the world. It has delayed and downsized this mine – the current mine and this rail line are fractions of the projects that were once proposed. Adani will claim that their first shipment of coal is a victory, but we are here to say that we are not yet finished resisting yet.”

Mother, Juliet says “I am here because I feel a profound moral obligation to protect our futures. The writing is on the wall, and it is an absolute reality that if we don’t immediately stop our reliance on fossil fuels then we won’t be able to take part in reducing global emissions to 1.5 degrees.”