Over 20 environmental activists have gathered at Adani’s headquarters in Townsville today, calling out the stink of Adani’s rebranding as “Bravus Mining”.

A giant papier-mâché poop is on display, with protesters theatrically recreating Adani’s attempt to proverbially “polish a turd” by rebranding.

Frontline Action on Coal spokesperson Kate Baldry said “Adani’s attempt to rebrand their company and assets is a clear response to the disastrous reputation they have earned. But Adani’s brand is toxic because their business model is to destroy our planet for their profits, not because of their name or logo.”

Before yesterday’s rebranding of their mining division, last month Adani renamed their Abbot Point coal port “North Queensland Export Terminal”. Another division of Adani, their rail haulage company, has similarly been given the vague name “Bowen Rail Company”.

Ms Baldry said “Adani’s shell companies are removing any reference to coal or the name Adani. This is a clear indication that they are aware their mine and its disastrous climate effects are unwanted by both the Australian public and potential investors. But a new name won’t stop protests, and wont stop companies jumping ship. Frankly, this rebranding is crap”.

Since applying to build the Carmichael mine, Adani has been dogged by controversy. 89 companies have publicly ruled out working on the mine, following years of public pressure. Adani’s Abbot Point terminal has been prosecuted twice for environmental breaches, and most recently was fined $107 million for “deliberate dishonest behaviour” towards their customers.

Before arriving at Adani headquarters, activists had previously “polished a turd” at the newly renamed North Queensland Export Terminal, and the property in Bowen which has just been bought by Adani for the offices of Bowen Rail Company.