Early this morning, three environmental activists walked into a quarry near Belyando, QLD that is being used to build Adani’s Carmichael mine and railway line and locked themselves on to three separate front end loaders. Leon Pateman, Pia Truslove and Alex Bloom all used steel elbow locks to attach themselves to the front end loaders, immobilising the machines as well as significantly disrupting work at the quarry until they are all presumably removed from the site later today.

As Pateman, Truslove and Bloom remain locked-on inside the quarry, half a dozen activists stood outside with banners reading “HSBC still funding Adani’s coal mine” and “This is a Climate Emergency”.

The environmental activists’ action comes in response to the announcement that the HSBC bank can play a major part in stopping the State Bank of India from loaning Adani $1 billion. HSBC has a policy against funding new thermal coal mines like the Adani Carmichael project, however, they have remained very silent in regard to this matter.

“It’s greenwashing what HSBC is doing. They say they don’t want to fund new coal mines yet here they are not pushing back on this mega loan that will help fund a new thermal coal mine. If they really wanted to be greener they should speak out against this loan now”, says Pateman.

In response to the link between Adani’s coal mine and the climate emergency, Truslove states, “COVID-19 and worldwide lockdowns have not even been enough to slow down greenhouse gas emissions to a safe level, that’s why I’m taking action to try to stop a project like this from going ahead”.

Pateman, Truslove and Bloom hope that this action will encourage HSBC to keep their word on not funding new thermal coal mines and that HSBC stops the State Bank of India from loaning Adani $1 billion.