Seventy-five year-old Barb Nielsen is so concerned about the impact of climate change that she locked herself to a guard rail outside Adani’s headquarters in Townsville. She is protesting against the company’s new Carmichael coalmine and government support for Adani.

“I know that new coal is the last thing the world needs. I want to make my case clearly and directly and so have brought it to the front door of Adani’s headquarters in Queensland” Barb said.

Barb is accompanied by her husband, Richard.

“I am locked on outside Adani’s door to emphasise the critical importance of the issue. We are already seeing the effects of fossil fuel-driven climate change in record temperatures, bushfires, cities choking on smoke, and water shortages in Queensland towns.

“I am concerned that we are heading toward 2.3 – even 5 degree temperature increases, which would make our world unlivable for the young people of today, and the potential loss of the Great Barrier Reef.”

Barb was joined by Frontline Action on Coal activists as well as members of Stop Adani Townsville and Stop Adani Magnetic Island groups.

Earlier in the week, over 270 scientists signed an open letter to Australia’s parliamentarians calling on them to take action on climate change, a spokesperson for FLAC noted.