Environmental activists have stopped a train loaded with coal from Adani’s controversial Carmichael mine this afternoon. It is the third time in the last month that an Adani coal train has been blocked before getting to the port.

Jeffrey Cantor has locked himself to the track on the Newlands rail line, stopping Adani’s train from moving. Kyle Magee and Franz Dowling then climbed on the train and started shoveling the coal out of the carriage.

Mr Magee said “Adani is trying to celebrate its shipping of coal. But the mine is an environmental and social disaster – built in full knowledge of the catastrophic climate impacts it would have, and despite the consistent opposition from vast sections of the public. It is shameful that they are still planning to export coal, and that should be remembered every time Adani are mentioned.

“That’s why people who care about this planet have been there to disrupt every shipment of coal Adani have made so far, and that’s why we will continue to stop them. We are shoveling this coal out of their train back to the earth where it should have been left in the first place.

“If we are going to have any chance of avoiding climate disaster, we need public pressure to keep resisting any new fossil fuel projects. Mining companies like Adani, and their financial backers like Blackrock, should be held accountable for the damage they have knowingly inflicted on our climate for their own profits.”

While these protest actions were taking place, three supporters were physically assaulted and had their property stolen by a group of mining workers. Frontline Action on Coal spokesperson Andy Paine said “Adani has been complaining recently about the safety of protest actions, but the hypocrisy of this has been shown by this assault. Our actions are always non-violent and done with concern for the safety of all involved. These workers on the other hand have physically attacked those they disagree with. We will be taking appropriate legal action against them.”