Two climate activists have locked themselves to infrastructure at Hay Point Coal Terminal in Mackay, to shut down exports and highlight the urgent need for climate action ahead of the upcoming COP26 climate talks in Glasgow. 

Kyle Magee and Juliet Lamont locked themselves to the coal conveyor belt at Queensland’s largest coal port and are refusing to move on. They are calling for international governments to introduce trade restrictions on Australia in response to the country’s climate inaction.

Mr Magee said “Our government is in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry and has absolutely no intention of dealing with the crisis we are facing by implementing climate policies in line with our best science. We are calling on the international community to introduce carbon tariffs and trade sanctions on Australia until we are forced to stop exacerbating the global crisis of our times.”

The Morrison government are under growing international pressure to make a stronger plan to reduce emissions. But Environment Minister Sussan Ley has approved three new coal mines in the last month and Resources Minister Keith Pitt has been celebrating first coal at Adani’s controversial Carmichael coal mine.

Ms Lamont said “The Australian government’s response to the climate crisis is shameful. While major banks and insurers are moving away from coal projects, the Morrison government refuses to accept the writing on the wall – climate-change denier Keith Pitt instead demanding a parliamentary inquiry into lenders and insurers blacklisting gas and coal companies, as well as proposing to set up a slush-fund with tax-payer dollars to ensure finance for destructive and financially nonsensical coal projects. Meanwhile Sussan Ley is mounting a federal court appeal against a court decision that she has a “duty of care” toward the children of our nation, hoping to continue to dismiss science and disregard future generations.

“Even the Australian government’s scientifically-flawed “gas-led recovery” rhetoric was the result of a COVID-19 advisory commission stacked with gas industry executives – who say it was Morrison who set the committee’s pro-gas agenda. Sussan Ley lobbied extensively to keep the Great Barrier Reef off the United Nations World Heritage Committee list of ‘in danger’ sites, instead of doing anything to protect the reef. Recently leaked documents reveal the Morrison government is lobbying the IPCC to change its finding that a rapid phase out of coal is necessary. The Australian government is only interested suppressing scientific reality while loading the pockets of big polluters with taxpayer dollars. We deserve and should demand better.” says Lamont.

Mr Magee said “In Australia, the climate crisis cannot be dealt with effectively due to a crisis of democracy. Our government, as well as the dominant Murdoch media, is hell-bent on suppressing climate change as the key issue it is for the majority of Australians. If the government would listen to its people, there would be no reason for me to take these actions. But as it stands, I have no choice but to engage in civil disobedience until a time when our government will listen to the will of its people. Ordinary Australian citizens are more and more prepared to get arrested and go to jail to say no to this madness. We are calling on the international community to support us in forcing the Australian government into climate action.”

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