Two environmental activists have stopped the first trainload of coal from Adani’s controversial Carmichael mine near Bowen, Queensland this morning.

Tammy Omodei and Andy Paine have used steel pipes to lock themselves on to the railway that is carrying Adani’s coal.

The police are currently in attendance, with both Omodei and Paine refusing to leave.

Paine says “Adani will claim that their first shipment of coal is a victory. But it’s certainly not a victory for our climate. That’s why people are going to keep resisting this mine, and any other new fossil fuel projects too.

“The world has agreed to move away from coal. It is to Australia’s shame that our government are enabling the opening of a new coal basin at a time when scientists are adamant we need to leave all fossil fuel reserves in the ground and those most affected by climate breakdown are crying out for action.

“Adani Group major investors like Blackrock, who talk up their climate credentials, should hang their heads in shame today too. They have funded Adani to dig its destructive coal mine and they are responsible for the disastrous impacts Adani’s coal will have on our climate.

“It is the courageous and creative actions by people of conscience which has delayed and downsized Adani’s mine so far, and it is clear that if we are going to avoid catastrophic climate change it will require more of the same. We will not allow our planet to be trashed without resisting all the way.