An environmental activist has stopped a train loaded with coal from Adani’s controversial Carmichael mine in Central Queensland this afternoon.

62 year old mother of two Megan Byrnes locked herself to a train carriage just north-east of Collinsville. The train was stopped for repairs after breaking down on the way to Adani’s North Queensland Export Terminal. Adani are yet to ship out coal from the mine and have said this was a test journey.

Ms Byrnes said “Adani’s first load of coal breaking down is symbolic of this whole disastrous project. Adani has repeatedly failed to manage environmental risks or to uphold human rights, and our climate will be the next thing that breaks down if we keep allowing unethical companies like Adani to make a joke of global climate mitigation efforts.

“The COP26 summit which concluded yesterday has been another failure, and Scott Morrison’s role in derailing efforts to keep warming under 1.5 degrees is shameful. Our Prime Minister does not represent the majority of Australians, who have consistently said they want climate action. These failures show the need for courageous and dramatic action to stop fossil fuel companies and their enablers in government destroying our entire planet. That’s why the people of Australia have spent years delaying and downsizing this mine, and that’s why we will continue to derail this destructive industry even if Adani does manage to get their trains working and ship out coal.”