Concerned citizens have stopped work this morning at the Mackay office of piping company AC Whalan, demanding the company withdraws its tender from Adani’s controversial Carmichael mine.

20 yer old Lisa Amato locked herself to the gate of the facility, while a group of thirty people formed a picket line. The group say they have information that AC Whalan have put in a tender for Adani’s polyethylene pipe contract, though the company have not publicly announced.

Spokesperson Donna Smit said “AC Whalan have not publicly declared their interest in Adani’s Carmichael mine, understandably because the majority of Australians do not want this climate destroying mine and many thousands have already shown they will publicly oppose those involved in it.

“But those willing to resist this mine and defend our climate are spread through all sectors of society. People within the industry have leaked the companies competing for Adani’s piping contract, and today we are bringing AC Whalan’s involvement into the light.”

“The message we are sending to AC Whalan and all other companies involved with Adani is that we have our eyes on Adani’s contractors. With the effects of climate breakdown being seen right now across this country, any company that hopes to profit from the destruction of our planet can expect serious resistance.”

In the last fortnight five people have been arrested in two separate actions stopping work at the Townsville office of another piping company Iplex. More than 50 companies have publicly distanced themselves from working with Adani in response to public pressure.