Four people have stopped work at Adani’s Abbot Point coal terminal this morning by walking into the port and locking themselves to coal loading infrastructure.

Two of the group stopped work at 4:30am by locking themselves to a conveyor belt. They said they feel forced to take this action because corporate influence in parliament means Australian people are not being heard.

One of the four, farmer Nadia Danti, said “our political leaders are not listening to the people they represent nor the science that should inform their decisions. Instead they are giving free rein to big corporations at the expense of everyday people and the life systems that sustain us.

“Our politicians are actively promoting a dying industry that is destroying our planet when they should be supporting technological innovation and providing mining communities with the just transition they deserve.”

In the Climate of the Nation report released yesterday by the Australia Institute, two-thirds of those surveyed believe Australia should have a national target for net-zero emissions by 2050, while over half believe Australia should declare a moratorium on new coal mines. This is despite the same study showing Australians believe coal mining contributes 6 times as much to the nation’s GDP and 23 times as much to employment as it actually does.

One of the group, musician and journalist Mick Daley, said “even in the face of the widespread propaganda of the fossil fuel industry, the majority of Australians want immediate action on climate change. The fact both political parties support new projects like Adani’s Carmichael mine is proof our democracy has been hijacked by corporate interests. It is clear now we can not depend on our leaders to make the decisions necessary to support life on this planet. We the Australian people need to rise up and make our voices heard before corporate profits drive us to climate disaster.”