A group of 30 people at Belyando have blocked a drill rig and more than 10 Adani work vehicles from accessing the site of the Carmichael mine this morning, citing the need to stop works that are plummeting Australia deeper into a water crisis.

Frontline Action on Coal spokesperson Emily Starr said “rural towns are running out of water so much that tourism is dropping on top of already existing economical struggle in these communities. The Coalition continues to ‘support’ drought affected regions with short-term hits instead of an effective long-term strategy.”

The expansion of the Drought Communities Program last week included communities such as Moyne who are surprised at being deemed eligible for $1 million grants whilst other more critically affected areas have been ignored.

Ms Starr said “Adani will use billions of litres of water each year for an industry that scientists warn could make our droughts worse. Scott Morrison wants to portray himself as the saviour of farmers, but our leaders need to take actions against water abusers like Adani rather than misdirecting cash into a drought that sees no end. This inadequate support is unsustainable in the face of a looming recession and a changing climate.”