Climate activists have this morning disrupted work on BMD’s site at Haughton River just south of Townsville, calling on the construction company to cut ties with Adani’s controversial Carmichael mine.

A group of 25 people stopped work by blocking the gates to BMD’s site on the Haughton River floodplain upgrade just off the Bruce Highway. BMD is contracted to work on the construction of Adani’s Carmichael rail line.

The group cited the recent report by leading science institute Climate Analytics, which found that to meet the Paris Climate Agreement, “a rapid and almost complete global phase-out of coal for electricity” is demanded. Failure to do so by 2040, and a rise in global temperature of over 1.5C, would among other significant effects, “virtually guarantee the extinction of most of the Great Barrier Reef”. The report studies the progress of Australian states towards the Paris goals and found that none were on track.

Spokesperson Andrea Valenzuela said “businesses like BMD can no longer defend working on destructive fossil fuel projects like Adani’s mine as ‘just doing their job’. The choice is between drastic climate action or accepting responsibility for the wilful destruction of our planet.

How many scientific reports need to be written before businesses start to count the real cost of their fossil fuel projects? BMD’s slogan is ‘we see things differently’. We call on them to look past their own profit margins and see the urgent need for action to avoid climate emergency. If they don’t do that, people will keep taking actions like this, because we can not allow the profits of a few to come before the safety of us all.