Coal exports at Adani’s Abbot Point coal terminal have been disrupted this morning, with a group of over 40 people blocking Abbot Point Rd, with two women locking themselves to a concrete barrel causing further delays.

22-year-old teacher Olivia Williams and 56-year-old women’s refuge worker Barbara Crossing blocked road and rail access by locking themselves to the barrel, saying our climate emergency demands immediate action to stop new coal projects like Adani’s Carmichael mine.

Ms Williams said “government policies are completely at odds with the fact we are in a climate emergency. By ignoring scientific warnings and propping up the mining industry they are jeopardising the safety of future generations.

“It is shameful that our governments are giving Adani extra support to get their destructive mine up and running but at the same time extinguishing native title for Wangan & Jagalingou traditional owners.”

Yesterday the Queensland government extended the deadline for negotiations on Adani’s “royalty holiday” that would allow the mining company to defer payment of royalties for the first three years. On the same day, submissions closed for the federal government’s North Galilee Water Scheme. The government’s original approval bypassed the “water trigger” supposed to apply for coal mines, requiring only “preliminary documentation”. They were forced to reopen the process after admitting in court they didn’t take into account public submissions.

Ms Crossing said “in the face of government failure on climate policy, everyday people need to act. Watching glaciers melt, rainforests burn, and extinction of plant and animal species accelerate is depressing. Many people I know feel despair in the face of this climate breakdown, but the remedy for despair is to take action.”