October 31th 2017:

Scuffles have broken out at Aurizon headquarters in Brisbane and a person was arrested in Carins as climate zombies descend on major cities all around the country. The zombies are calling on Australia to begin a rapid transition away from coal so we can avoid a total climate apocalypse.

On this spooky Wednesday afternoon around Australia, these zombies are blessing scary capitalists with their presence as a reminder that nothing is spookier than catastrophic climate change.

The Adani mine is regarded as apocalyptic and dangerous for many reasons, if we want to have even a 50% chance of keeping the climate at 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels then we need to keep at least 88% of the worlds remaining coal reserves in the ground.

Today’s zombie occupation comes just one day after a person shut down the main Aurizon railway in the Bowen basin, blocking all coal from entering  Abbot Point Coal Terminal for hours.

There are actions being organized in key locations along the East Coast today. Cairns, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne are locations which are best avoided due to a high zombie presence.

We must stress that people to not be too worried about today’s zombie threat, rather, the impacts of runaway climate change if we continue along the catastrophic path of coal consumption and export.

The path is easy for Aurizon, all they need to do is begin the transition away from fossil fuels to to ensure that halloween 2019 will not be such a terrifying time for coal supporters in this country.

Change or we will stop you?
Trick or treat?
The choice is Aurizon’s.