With Adani starting construction, courageous people are taking direct action to peacefully protect the country, climate, reef and water from coal. Several people have already been arrested and many more will follow.

As a movement, it’s important we help support people in their journey through the legal system. That’s why we’ve started a Legal Fighting Fund.

The fund will allow FLAC to source legal advice, pay the travel costs of pro-bono and to help cover the fines & related costs from those who have taken a stand.

Whether you can donate, run an event or spread the word – we need your help:



Chip in to the Legal Support Fund today. Every contribution, big or small, is a great help!



Organise an event for your friends or wider community that will raise awareness about the campaign and money for the fund!

Whether it’s a trivia event, music gig, movie screening or bake sale – find a fun way to bring people together to support those taking direct action to stop Adani.

If you are planning a fundraiser, drop us a line at [email protected] with an outline of what you have planned and don’t forget to add it to our events calendar so we can help out with promotions.

We also have a bunch of handy resources available to help get you started.



Share this page with a personal message on email, Twitter and Facebook to encourage your friends to chip-in.