May 14th 2019:

This morning Knitting Nanna’s have gathered to George’s Christenson’s office in Mackay, laying sandbags to protect the building and George from imminent rising waters. This intervention comes days before the election, as government still hasn’t produced a climate policy to protect Australia from extreme weather events, rising sea levels and crop failure.

Spokesnanna Jally said “Knitting Nanna’s have been very patient up to now, but chatting over a cuppa we decided to take action into our own hands.”

The Knitting Nanna’s message is for voters to make Climate Action their priority in the voting booths this Saturday.

Anyone visiting George Christenson’s office today will be met by the Nanna’s, sitting and knitting and telling anyone who will listen of their concern for the future of their kiddies and grand kiddies, and how eager they are to get the ball rolling on climate action.

Nanna Jally said, “By George we had a hot summer, and bushfires so close. The weather’s changing quicker than you can drop a stitch. Maybe the politicians are due for another eye test because even we can see what’s happening”

“Nanna’s are encouraging everyone in the family to use this election to safeguard our climate. We want our kiddies to inherit the wonders of the world we had, unspoilt by floods and fire.”

The Dawson Climate Assessment released last week projects that by 2070 the electorate of Dawson will experience; a 90-130% increase in droughts and floods; twice as many heatwaves, including a heatwave which could last for 70 days; the loss of half its annual rainfall; a 25% increase in evaporation, and intensified fire danger. However with immediate emission reductions, Dawson’s future could be a different story.

There has been an inter-organisational push for this to be the climate election, with pressure on leaders of both major parties to deliver on climate action.

“The weather is such a worry, Nanna’s are saying ‘don’t forget to read the instructions on the ballot paper to make your vote count’.

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