November 24th, 2018:

Early this morning, Greg ascended a tripod blocking Aurizon’s coal railway. This railway services the Bowen Basin, feeding coal into Adani owned Abbot Point coal port. 

This is the third time in seven days that Aurizon rail networks have been shut down by climate activists, following the Brisbane line being held up for over 9 hours yesterday by 21 yr old, Sadie. Last week, an 18 yr old activist blocked Aurizon’s rail line stopping all trains accessing Abbot Point.

“I have no other way to defend myself against companies profiting from global warming”, said Greg, a 37 year old geography teacher from Victoria.

Rolles says this act is the last option he is left with in the hope of saving himself from the risks of premature climate related death.

According to the 2014 World Health Organisation Report, ‘Quantitative Risk Assessment of the affects of climate change on selected causes of deaths 2030’s and 2050’s’ 1. By the time Rolles is 70, an additional 250,000 people, at a bare minimum will die due to global warming – most of those will be due to heat stroke”.

Greg went on “My government has known about, and is supposed to be acting to protect me from global warming since 1992. They have failed and now I have to try and protect myself.

“In 1992, Australia ratified the UN Convention on Climate Change. Australia has had a legal responsibility to cut emissions and stop climate change, and has done nothing about it. I’m 37 now and Australia is still exporting coal along this train line and looking to build the disastrous Adani coal mine.”

Greg was dismayed with the proposed Adani mine. “Despite these warnings from the UN convention back in 1992 and Australia’s apparent commitment to restraining their carbon output, we’re still exporting coal – the emissions from which are actually double our domestic use. I’ve watched Australian governments dither on global warming since I was 11, we have no carbon tax, no carbon trading scheme and no sufficient regulation to protect my life.”