As catastrophic mega-fires rage across Queensland and NSW; doctors, nurses and public health professionals from Health on the Frontline have this morning stopped work at Adani’s Carmichael mine to draw attention to the biggest cause of climate change: the mining and the burning of coal.

Thirteen health workers blocked access to the minesite from Adani’s workers camp, with anaesthetist Peter Kuestler locking himself to one of the exits.

Public Health Associate Professor Linda Selvey, from Brisbane, said “Parts of Australia are in a state of emergency, with hundreds of people losing their homes and some tragically their lives. Meanwhile, the government is recklessly ignoring the reality that to reduce the risk of further catastrophic fires we must tackle the climate emergency.

“Climate change is already disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable people. Children and the elderly will suffer the worst, as well as Australians in regional and remote areas of the country”.

Sue Cooke, Nurse and Public Health Educator said, “We know burning coal is driving the climate crisis and we have the solutions. With the right plan from government, regional communities in Queensland can enjoy a bright future that leaves no one behind.

“We call on the government to commit to no new coal projects, including the Adani mine, and a just transition and job creation for all fossil fuels workers and communities”.

In September 2019, the Australian Medical Association joined other health organisations around the world in recognising climate change as a health emergency. While there continues to be government inaction on climate change, Health On The Frontline will continue to peacefully protest to stop the Adani coal mine and all mining in the Galilee Basin to protect the health of communities and stop dangerous climate change.