We are the remote support group for Frontline Action on Coal that allows people to support FLAC from where ever they may be.

Technology and social media is really difficult in remote QLD on the  frontline. Remote support can really amplify the work being done on the ground

FLAC digital is an incubator for remote NVDA activism and using encryption. We are are great team to learn new skills. We aim to:

  • Build our numbers of social media people to allow us to swarm our actions and events.
  • To provide a platform for training, mentoring and skillsharing.
  • Supporting new people and teach beginners using tech.
  • An incubator for more secure collaboration processes and tools.
  • To stay true to FLAC’s founding vision of decentralised leadership, consensus and open participation

Social Media

Our biggest focus is managing our Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Some of the tasks include:

  • Being on call to help when actions are happening. Support the ground team in getting the action out there. Making memes, blog posts, making sure tweets have the right messaging etc
  • Trolls love us. Help us moderate our social media discussions to keep everything civil.
  • Join our social media roster so we have consistent content being published.
  • Share our social and encourage others to engage with our content

You will need to have good english and good common sense as you will be representing the whole group. You will need install the communications tools we use.



Supporting the social team and also our website and other comms. Skills we are looking for include:

  • Writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Video
  • Editing

We welcome people who are new or learning these skills



  • Supporting the FLAC recruitment and mobilisation team
  • Keeping our peoples information safe and used respectfully

We welcome people who are new or learning these skills



We also need people with specific technical skills or computer experience

  • CRM data management
  • Tech Systems
  • Security Tech
  • Tech Support



How do I join.

We use ProtonMail for our email so its all encrypted. First step is to signup for a ProtonMail here.

Fill out the form. Remember we are volunteer run so we may take awhile to respond. While you are waiting, you can install the tools that we are using.

We will contact you to discuss where you can fit in. We wil give you access to the platforms you need to do your work