At least seven Commbank branches shut down by university students, Aboriginal elders and a 95 year old Kokoda war veteran for refusing to rule out funding the Adani coal mine.

Newcastle — At least seven Commbank branches have been shut to customers because of peaceful protests organised due to Commbank’s refusal to rule out funding the Adani coal mine. Over 300 people are participating in today’s decentralised action – with more branch locations targeted.

Protesters are undertaking protests at branches across greater Newcastle, calling on the bank to reveal whether it will continue to fund new coal projects, including the proposed Adani coal project in north Queensland  – the largest coal mine proposal in Australia’s history.

At the Junction Commbank, 95 year old Kokoda veteran Bill Ryan said, ”Opening new coal mines is a direct threat to the future of today’s youth and generations to come. The Adani mine holds enough coal to spell disaster for the climate and would bring more frequent and severe weather events, and devastation to the Great Barrier Reef. I feel morally compelled to do whatever I can to help stop this tragedy occurring.”

Uncle Ken Dodd is an elder of the Biriah and Widi people in far North Queensland on Country that would be impacted by the Adani mine. “It is our responsibility to protect land, water and culture. I am a Commbank customer of 45 years and will close my account today. I encourage all First Nations people to leave Commbank for its impacts on sacred Country.”

“Commbank is out of step with the Australian population who overwhelmingly support a transition to renewable energy and are concerned about climate impacts. As the only one of the big four banks still failing to distance itself from Adani, Commbank risks further damage to its reputation,” said Kudra Fallen, a protest participant and student from Melbourne.

Commbank provides financial services, and has done $1027 million in deals with Adani.

“Lending to big coal is now like lending to big tobacco – its impacts are devastating and it’s socially unacceptable. Across Australia we will ramp up our actions until CommBank stand up for the climate by ruling out funding this megamine,” finished Kudra.