Climate activists have gathered this morning in Bowen outside the unmarked office of Adani’s Abbot Point Operations, declaring Adani should be open about their presence and their activities.

The group of 20 people staged a mock opening ceremony for the unmarked Williams St office, but said that Adani’s secrecy was a serious matter.

Spokesperson Andy Paine said “the lack of signage and blacked out windows are symbolic of a much broader and much more problematic lack of transparency around Adani. This is a company that lied about job figures for its project until being forced to admit in court the real number was a fraction of what it claimed. They are a company with a complex web of shady business dealings and offshore tax havens. They are a company being prosecuted by the Queensland government for failing to disclose illegal works on site. And the biggest deception of all is the claim, in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence, that their profits are based on anything other than the catastrophic destruction of our climate.

We are here because we want the truth to be known. We want openness around government approval processes, around Adani’s business dealings and around the true cost of this mine. These facts are in the public interest and we deserve to know. Instead all we get from both the government and industry is deception and propaganda.