A group of 15 people have disrupted work at the offices of Siemens, GHD and BMD, calling on these companies to cut ties with Adani’s controversial coal mine.

In the spirit of the season, the concerned citizens offered employees Christmas bonbons, a picnic, and serenaded them with parody Christmas carols and chants such as “all we want for Christmas is no Adani”.

After the recent announcement yesterday that Siemens plans to do the signalling work for Adani, concerned citizens across Australia are asking that Siemens does the right thing this Christmas by ending their contract with Adani. Over 60 major companies have already publicly ruled out working for the controversial coal mine, however the engineering company GHD and the construction company BMD are still continuing their work with Adani.

18 year old, school striker and FLAC spokesperson Marco Bellemo says “we will continue the pressure until all contractors say no to Adani”.

“It’s contractors like Siemens, GHD and BMD who aren’t thinking responsibly about the future impacts of the decisions that they’re making. In Queensland we are already facing unprecedented fires and droughts which we know are accelerated and intensified by the use of fossil fuels like coal, and this will all become far more severe for younger generations like me.”