Climate activists have disrupted work at the Mackay office of multi-national company Siemens this morning, demanding they rule out working on Adani’s controversial Carmichael coal mine.

Siemens is in negotiations to install signalling on Adani’s rail line. They are reportedly the only company in Australia able to do the job, following Hitachi Rail and Alstom publicly distancing themselves from working with Adani. A group of 18 people today entered and remained in the Siemens Mackay office, insisting Siemens consider the destructive climate impacts of the mine.

Spokesperson Minna Featherstone said “if Siemens work with Adani they will be complicit in opening up one of the largest coal and gas reserves in the world. Right now we are seeing the effects of the climate crisis as bushfires across the country ravage rainforests and communities. The desperate need to transition away from burning coal has never been more urgent. Siemens should invest in projects that benefit all humanity, not profit from the destruction of our future.”

Media and Siemens representatives have today criticised protests as “extreme” and “unAustralian”. Ms Featherstone said “it is extreme that corporations are willing to destroy our whole planet for their own business. We represent thousands of everyday Australians who want to stop Adani and protect our future from profiteering climate criminals. Siemens’ slogan is ‘Ingenuity for Life’. Investing in outdated industries that are destroying our climate is neither ingenious nor life-giving.”

This week people have taken actions at Siemens offices around the country, including two people last night peacefully locking themselves to the stage at the Ausrail Gala Dinner in Sydney.