January 24th, 2018:

Activists halt trains on Aurizon’s rail line to Abbot Point coal terminal

A Concerned Citizen has again halted coal trains running to Adani-owned Abbot Point Coal Terminal. Tayla Jay Haggarty is currently suspended above train lines running to the port, with her suspension system attached to the rails. The Brisbane student hoisted herself into position high above Aurizon’s coal railway in the early hours of the morning, and alerted authorities that she had blocked the train line.

“I think it’s really sad but also interesting that for me, as a person, to peacefully occupy this tree is a crime, but the actions of corporations such as Adani who are profiting off the destruction of this beautiful country are not only accepted but encouraged by this government.” said Ms Haggarty

Activists have been active in Bowen and the Galilee region for almost six months now and has stopped work on the construction of a new rail line and operations at the Abbot Point coal terminal numerous times. Activists have already caused significant financial burden to the Adani and Aurizon companies through work delays, demonstrating a high level of risk to potential investors.

“We expect that the Queensland government will adhere to their promise to not approve any public funds for Adani’s disastrous coal mine, and veto any NAIF loan to Aurizon for a new rail line” Ms Haggarty said. “We will continue to use peaceful measures to disrupt any company that threatens the Galilee with dangerous fossil fuel projects.”

Photographs and video of Ms Haggarty suspended above the Aurizon rail line are available

Photos: Here