Belyando, QLD: Work has been shut down for the second time in less than a week at the construction site of Adani’s new railway line near Belyando Crossing, Queensland. Darcy Poulton, 25, attached himself via a monopole to four construction machines, in order to stop the work that is part of the controversial Adani coal mine project.
“I’m here for my friends and family and everyone who is angry and frustrated that the Adani coal mine is being pushed by our Government. We are in a climate crisis, and the corrupt Adani company threatens the life we love. The line has been crossed and I’m standing up.” Says Darcy.
The mine would be Australia’s largest coal mine, and one of the largest in the world. Mayor concern has been raised across Australia regarding the emissions from this mega coal mine and the acceleration of dangerous climate change, which is already expected to lead to unprecedented economic, social, environmental and health impacts.
Queenslanders rely on the reef for over 69,000 jobs. The rising of ocean temperatures has already caused major bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef, and scientists predict that climate change could see the loss of our reefs within the next two decades.
The announcement of the Queensland election is a stark reminder that one of the major issues that saw Labor elected in 2015 was the promise to protect the reef, and that the Palaszczuk government has betrayed those constituents by being one of Adani’s strongest proponents.
Darcy Poulton says “Those like Palaszczuk, Matt Canavan, and Turnbull that are kicking for Adani are only kicking the rest of us down. I know when I stand up, I am speaking with the same voice as my family, my friends and Australians all over that are saying,Adani, no means no. This industry is stuck in the past, we need to start preparing for a future with the facts of the present. We are a growing movement which is trying to create a safer future, and this means no new coal mines.”
After stopping 10 hours of work on the construction site, Darcy was removed from the erected monopole by crane and taken to Clermont Police.
Location: Where the state development area crosses the Gregory Highway, approximately 35km / 25 minutes south of the Belyando Crossing Road House.