May 8th 2019:

Over 25 people are currently blocking the entrance to Adani’s headquarters in Townsville. The protest follows the Dawson electorate’s candidates forum last night in Bowen, after candidates argued for new coal and to open up the Galilee basin.

The group are calling for a just transition to renewables and a commitment to no new fossil fuels before the federal election.

Spokesperson for the action Kimberley Croxford said:

“If politicians support new coal projects like Adani, they will leave communities who are currently reliant on coal vulnerable.”

“The international community has recognised a climate emergency, but Australian politicians are still backing Adani and coal seam gas projects, at the expense of the climate and water resources.”

“Candidates should be talking about a just transition that minimises the dangerous impacts of climate change and doesn’t leave workers behind.”

“If we are bold and act fast, we can create a thriving renewable economy powered by local jobs. But if we continue as we are, north QLD will face more extreme droughts, floods and cyclones and we will witness human suffering all around the world.”

“We have about a decade to avoid climate catastrophe, which would jeopardise the safety and livelihoods of people everywhere.”

“Adani is not the answer. We support the Wagan and Jagalingou people who are fighting to protect their country and we ask government to urgently discuss a fair transition for everyone.”

The group of protestors includes locals, climate activists from around the country, and concerned parents and grandparents.

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