A group of twenty people have blocked access to the offices of two potential Adani contractors this morning in Townsville, calling on Iplex and Vinidex to reject work on the controversial Carmichael mine.

Both piping companies have submitted tenders for the polyethylene piping contract on Adani’s project, but the group say working on new coal projects like the Carmichael mine will only increase natural disasters already in effect.

Spokesperson Annie Close said “Climate change can no longer be described as something in the future. The fires and drought we are seeing in the eastern states right now are proof we are living in a climate emergency. Our response must be to transition away from fossil fuels and stop any new mines, or else accept responsibility for catastrophic weather events that are the result of our actions. We call on companies like Iplex and Vinidex to turn away from Adani’s disastrous project before it’s too late.”

Unprecedented Spring bushfires last week were described as “an omen” of the fire season to come by Queensland Emergency Services inspector Andrew Sturgess. Deputy Premier Jackie Trad said more frequent and ferocious fires had been predicted by scientists, while insurance companies like Suncorp have lifted their allowances in response to bigger and more frequent natural disasters. This morning, water scarcity in western New South Wales has been described as “critical” by NSW water minister Melinda Pavey, with fears the Macquarie River could run dry by November.

Ms Close said “scientists have been warning us for years that one of the effects of climate change will be more frequent and more damaging natural disasters. This is what we are seeing now and will only increase if we don’t take immediate action. Iplex, Vinidex and all other Adani contractors should expect more actions like this, because ordinary citizens in all walks of life are not prepared to let a select few profit from the horrific effects of climate emergency”.