A group of 20 people have this morning blocked access to the Mackay office of freight rail company Aurizon, as part of an ongoing campaign against companies involved in Adani’s Carmichael mine.

The group say they are targeting Aurizon because of the key role it would play in the proposed Carmichael mine, and because of the controversial lawsuit it has taken out against environmental activists.

Spokesperson Andy Paine said “rail transport is an important part of sustainable infrastructure, and Aurizon are in a position to be part of creating a more healthy and just society if they seek to do so. But instead of investing in how to make our society more just, Aurizon are expending their time and energy running lawsuits aimed at stopping people from taking protest activity. But people around the world are will not be deterred from taking action to stop climate change, and Aurizon should get on board, or risk being left behind as a company.”

Aurizon owns the Newlands rail line on which Adani hopes to connect its spur line to transport coal to Abbot Point. While that track is legally able to be used by Adani, environmental activists are calling on Aurizon to refuse to haul Adani’s coal and stop the opening of a new coal seam in the Galilee Basin.

Mr Paine said “Aurizon have made good business out of hauling coal, at the expense of our planet. Now in the face of climate emergency, there is a requirement for everyone to reassess their actions and their consequences. Aurizon should refuse to carry Adani’s coal and leave the Galilee Basin coal reserves to stay in the ground.

60 businesses have publicly ruled out working on Adani’s Carmichael mine, and in Mackay in the last two days protests have also targeted engineering firms FKG and GHD, asking them to join that growing number.