Frontline Action on Coal (FLAC) is committed to community led, non-violent direct action. We believe that another world is possible, that together we can achieve a state of economic and environmental balance we call ‘climate justice’. We aim to support community and grassroots groups on the front line of dangerous fossil fuel development and expansions, through solidarity, training and resources.

We’ve had enough of corrupt politicians putting the interests of mining companies over all else. People from all walks of life stand together to protect farms, forest, community, culture and the climate. 

Frontline Action on Coal is working with organisations and campaigns around the country to keep coal in the ground and oppose CSG. The proposed Carmichael Coal Mine in the Galilee Basin is presently our main focus. We are committed to #BlockadeAdani in order to #StopAdani. 




We believe that climate justice is impossible without acknowledging the sovereignty and leadership of First Nations peoples. Our efforts must harmoniously support the efforts of other Indigenous communities impacted by coal mining in so-called ‘Australia’.


We believe that every person’s view is valuable and should be heard during discussions and the decision making process. Key decisions are made by consensus and are intentionally anti-hierarchical.


We believe that people have the right to influence and direct decisions affecting their lives. Power and change is something we realise collectively within ourselves, not something we appeal to existing structures for.


We believe that everyone should practice respect in all their interactions with yourself, others, creatures, communities, and the land. We do not condone acts of violence.


We believe that each individual holds different levels of privilege and that people must acknowledge this when participating in our spaces. Therefore, rather than providing equal opportunities we push for equitable opportunities with hopes that everyone can participate on a level playing field.

Battle for the endangered Leard forest

Frontline Action on Coal was first established August 2012 in Maule’s Creek, site of the historic blockade to save the critically endangered Leard State forest.

When people ask, ‘Did you win? Did you save the Leard?’ Heart breaking, I reply ‘No, the forest has been almost completely destroyed, and in it’s place lies a huge pit. But what sprang from that place was the galvanizing of a movement and a new generation of climate warrior; ready to take on big coal, with the determination that what we just witnessed, will never, ever, happen again”

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